IKF presents competition calendar 2017-2021

With the new IKF competition calendar 2017-2021 the number of (official) tournaments has increased. A clear choice have been made by the IKF Council to invest in the future of korfball by putting more emphasis on youth competition.

This means that starting from 2018 annually there will be held an Under 21 Korfball Championship, either a continental or world championship.

Apart from that the former (unofficial) Under 19 Korfball World Cup has been transformed into an official Under 19 World Korfball Championship, bi-annually organised. In the years without a World Championship Asia and Europe will have continental Under 19 Championships.

To stimulate korfball development around the globe, the Under 19 European Korfball Championship has been given an ‘Open’ status. This to provide the opportunity for countries in continents where no continental events are being organised to further develop the sport. For now the same thing counts for the Asian countries to give them the opportunity to play against the strongest European teams and keep improving their level.

The composition of the competition calendar for the seniors has remained the same as in the last years, with a yearly program for at least the top countries; a bi-annual continental championship in the even years is alternated with the World Korfball Championship and the World Games in the uneven years.

VIEW CALENDAR: IKF Global Continental Competition Overview 2017-2022 (.pdf)