IKF World Korfball Championship

The IKF Council voted 6 November 2015 in favor for the bid of South Africa.

The 11th IKF World Korfball Championship will take place in South Africa in the city of Durban. The match days are 1 till 10 August  2019. The team managers meeting will take place 31 July.

South Africa

Continental Championships 2018: Africa and the Americas

The year 2018 is the year of the IKF Continental Korfball Championships. Spread over the year all continents will celebrate their championship. An important year for all countries, because apart from ‘just’ competing for the continental title, the continental events are being used as qualification events for the IKF World Korfball Championship (IKF WKC) July/August 2019 in Durban, South Africa.

The first Continental Championship of the year is the IKF Pan-American Korfball Championship (IKF PAKC). This championship will be celebrated in Cali, Colombia. From Friday 2 March until Sunday 4 March the Colombian Korfball Federation is in charge of the organisation of the second edition of the IKF PAKC. With at least five countries participating, the first two teams of the event will automatically qualify for the IKF WKC.

The second Continental Championship of the year is the All Africa Korfball Championship (IKF AAKC). This championship will be celebrated in the city of Chitungwiza – Harare, Zimbabwe. From Friday 27 April until Sunday 29 April the Zimbabwe Korfball Federation is in charge of the organisation of the fourth edition of the IKF AAKC. With two secured places for Africa on the IKF WKC and South Africa being the host of the IKF WKC, only the best African team qualifies for the IKF WKC. In the case of South Africa winning the championship, also the number two of the African Continent will qualify.

The announcement of the other two IKF Continental Championships in 2018; IKF Asia-Oceania Korfball Championship and the IKF European Korfball Championship will follow in a later stadium. Both events will be organised later in the year.

IKF Council extends World Championship participation to 20 countries, sets rules for Korfball4 and Beach korfball

The Council of the International Korfball Federation met today in Dordrecht (Netherlands). One of the main topics on the table were a number of key decisions regarding the 2019 IKF World Korfball Championship due to be held in Durban (South Africa). Due to the growth of Korfball playing countries in Africa and the Americas and to avoid having to reduce the number of countries qualifying from Asia and Europe, the IKF Council has decided to increase the number of participating countries from 16 to 20. A new competition format has also been proposed within which the total duration of the event will not exceed 10 days, which has also been the duration of the previous two World Championships with 16 teams. Elimination matches will start immediately following the pool matches.

Qualification quota for each of the continental federations have also been decided, with normally 2 places for the Americas, 2 for Africa, 6 jointly for Asia and Oceania (with a minimum of 1 for Oceania) , and 10 for Europe. Detailed quota have been determined for different scenarios, depending on the number of countries entering the Pan-American Championship (2018), the All-African Championship (2018), the European Championship (Netherlands, 2018) and the Asia-Oceania Championship (Chiba, Japan, 2018).

Further, the Council set the rules for korfball4, a new and dynamic format where teams of 4 rather than 8 players compete. Both a one-korf format and a two-korf format for korfball4 have been regulated, enabling member countries to set up leagues and tournaments in either of the two formats. Also the beach korfball rules have been updated in preparation for the likely start of official championships in several continents.

Media attention during the IKF WKC

The 10th IKF World Korfball Championship in Belgium from 30 October till 8 November 2015 attracted massive media attention all over the world.

The IKF website showed record breaking figures. and the IKF WKC matches had even higher figures till around 10,000 per eventday and over 300,000 page views.

Further we received in each of the websites visitors from more than 100 countries all over the world. The top-10 based on absolute numbers is: Netherlands, Belgium England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong China and Russia. On the places 12 and 13 we have two countries – France and United States of America – without participation in the event.

The IKF WKC final was live on Dutch public TV and attracted around 600,000 extra spectators. Belgian public TV showed the final as well; figures later. Both TV stations showed up in Antwerp with big teams to make side shows as well. And both brought former Dutch and Belgian internationals in as co-commentators. The Dutch had Ms Mady Tims, recent super star. The Belgians had Ms Ilse Poinart. She scored the decisive goal that brought Belgium the World Cup in 1991.

Belgian king Philippe was present in the final as well in the sold out Lotto Arena in Antwerp. He took the time to make a photo with the Belgian team and after the match he handed the World Cup to the captain of the World Champions.

In Chinese Taipei all their home team matches were distributed as well.

In Germany the WDR produced a documentary on the IKF WKC around the German national squad. The reporters were very enthusiastic about the great atmosphere during the whole event.

The IKF WKC underlined that media show interest when there is tension and excitement. The korfball players and the staff did a good job as well.

Kunst and Schilders best players of the WKC

Richard Kunst from the Netherlands and Nikki Schilders from Belgium have been selected by a jury of former national team coaches as most valuable players of the tournament.

Kunst (aged 22) scored 31 goals in the tournament, and with 8 in the final he was of decisive importance in securing the 9th world title for the Netherlands. Schilders (25) scored 16 goals in the tournament and was of all-round importance both in the crucial match against Chinese Taipei and in the final against the Netherlands.

Netherlands is the 2015 World Champion

NED World champion 2015

The Netherlands has won the 10th IKF World Korfball Championship. In a fully packed Lotto Arena in Antwerp (BEL), the Netherlands eventually managed to win a match that was closely contested until in the 41st minute the Netherlands managed to create a 4-point margin that the fiercely fighting Belgians were unable to close. The final score was 18-27.

Close to 5,000 fans watched the match, with the 3,000 Belgians joined by a substantive 1,000+ crowd that came to support their team from the Netherlands.

BEL with King 2015

The Belgian team were also supported by H.M. King Filip, who was introduced to both teams before the match and presented the Nico Broekhuijsen World Cup to captain Tim Bakker of the Netherlands after the match.

Match winners on the Dutch side were Richard Kunst with 8 goals and Marjolijn Kroon with 6, while Laurens Leeuwenhoek defensively controlled Belgian star Nick Jansens to only 3 goals. Jesse De Bremaeker scored 7 Belgian goals but it was insufficient for the Diamonds to regain their 1991 world title.

Photos by (c) Marco Spelten (

You can also find all the photos of every WKC 2015 game in IKF facebook profile (Albums):

Finals in the 10th IKF WKC

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November 2015 the finals are played to establish the final ranking in this 10th IKF World Korfball Championship. All matches are played in the LOTTO Arena in Antwerp, Belgium.

On Saturday 7 November the places 9 – 16 are contested

FINALS of the IKF World Korfball Championship in Belgium:

Saturday 7 November 2015 Lotto Arena, Antwerp
14:00 Brazil – South Africa 15th/16th places
16:00 Poland – Hungary 13th/14th places
18:00 Australia – Hongkong China 11th/12th places
20:00 Czech Republic – Portugal 9th/10th places

On Sunday 8 November the matches for the places 1 – 8 are played.

The Championship match start 15:30 PM (CET +1). The Belgian king is present in the SOLD OUT Lotto Arena,

Sunday 8 November 2015 (SOLD OUT) Lotto Arena, Antwerp
9:30 China – Russia 7th/8t places
11:30 Catalonia – Germany 5th/6th places
13:30 England Chinese Taipei Bronze Medal Match
15:30 Belgium – Netherlands World Korfball Championship Final
17:10 Medal + Closing Ceremony IKF WKC

Mr Dean Woods (ENG) is the referee in the 10th IKF WKC final. It is his first IKF WKC final.

Durban in South Africa awarded next IKF World Korfball Championship

The IKF Council voted on 6 November 2015 for the country and city of the 11th IKF World Korfball Championship. The two bidders New Zealand and South Africa made their presentations to the IKF Council and other korfball delegates in the room. The session was open to all delegates.

IKF president, Mr Jan Fransoo, opened the envelope with the vote result Saturday 7 November 2015 immediately following the IKF General Meeting in Antwerp, Belgium. All over 70 delegated present in the IKF General Meeting took the message and within one minute after the announcement the first messages were on social media as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The president of the South African Korfball Federation, Mr Les Williams (left on the photo), reacted very positive on the announcement; “South Africa and South African korfball are ready to prepare an excellent event in four years time.”

Winners from South Africa 20151107

The winners of the bid for the 11th IKF World Korfball Championship in 2019 in Durban, South Africa.

IKF WKC 2015 final

The 10th IKF World Korfball Championship final on  Sunday 8 November 2015 15:30 P.M. (CET + 1) will be another historic match between the home nation Belgium and the reigning champions The Netherlands.

In the first semi final The Netherlands beat Chinese Taipei and in the second, Belgium beat England to establish the line up for the medal games.

So Chinese Taipei and England will play for the bronze medal at 13:30 PM (CET +1).


IKF World Korfball Championship

The IKF Council voted 6 November 2015 in favor for the bid of South Africa.

The 11th IKF World Korfball Championship will take place in South Africa in the city of Durban. The match days are 1 till 10 August  2019. The team managers meeting will take place 31 July.

South Africa