IKF Ranking 2017: no major changes in top 10

No major changes in the top 10 of the new IKF ranking are seen after the Continental Championships in Europe and Asia. Only England and Belgium have swapped position on the ranking and Germany goes up from position seven to five, leaving China and Czech Republic behind

* Points for the ranking are mainly earned through participation in IKF events with a weighting for each event given according to the importance of the event. Countries who take part in qualification for a final round also get points for that event, being ranked for example, 17th, 18th etc. Points earned are written down each year until the next version of the event when the previous version drops out of the calculations. With the change in some continental championships to a bi-annual rather than a four yearly cycles weighting reductions are revised to reflect this.

The events counting at present towards the ranking are: IKF WKC, IKF U23 WKC, IKF Continental Championship, IKF Continental U21/23 Championship, IKF AOKC, IKF Asia U23KC, IKF University WKC, IKF European Bowl.

IKF Ranking 2017 as of 1 January 2017; CLICK HERE